We are providing the most recent instruments made by professional manufacturers in each field.

We, Shinko Boeki, started to handle torque control devices made by Norbar in UK immediately after the birth of company. In addition to this Dry ice blasting cleaning devices which doesn’t require any water or solvent and special types of detector of High voltage partial discharge are also our product line at this moment. We supply unique aeration devices having a good effect for the soli condition improvement, too.


Torque control equipments

The products are made by NORBAR who is a specialized torque control tool manufacturer in UK.

CO2 Blasting equipments

The special cleaning machines using dry ice pellets or liquid CO2 as a media, but they don’t use any water or solvent.

HVPD measuring instruments

It is possible to make a diagnosis for high voltage equipments without any shut down time of facilities.

Aeration system

It is the most-advanced aeration system. It is possible to maintain the aeration of turf in various fields at lower cost and effectively.

Car parts especially for old Porsche

We are supplying spare parts for vintage Porsche cars model year 1950’s -1980’s